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At, we leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to generate groundbreaking business ideas, streamline idea validation, and formulate preliminary business plans, setting the stage for your success 10x.

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Idea Discovery

Idea discovery is the initial phase where we explore and generate innovative business concepts. This involves leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify promising ideas that address market needs or capitalize on emerging trends. In this phase, we use various tools and our proprietary algorithms to uncover new and unique business opportunities.


Idea Validation

Idea validation is a crucial step where we evaluate the feasibility, market potential, and competition of the generated business ideas. This involves a thorough data-driven approach and synthetic feedback mechanisms to determine the viability of the ideas.


Preliminary Business Plan

The plan outlines the key components of the business concept, including its value proposition, target market, revenue model, competitive landscape, and initial financial projections for implementation. The preliminary business plan serves as a roadmap for further development and refinement of the business idea, guiding future decisions and actions .


About the plaform

Idea Discovery

Discover 1,000,000+ innovative ideas

Our proprietary database is constantly growing and evolving, fueled by cutting-edge algorithms that spark connections and uncover hidden potential. Discover millions of innovative ideas ready to be explored and transformed into groundbreaking realities.

Lay the groundwork for your dream

Create a preliminary business plan.

plan will be your roadmap, guiding you through the key elements of your venture: customer persona, unique value proposition, market information, and financial projections. These elements will be the steps to get your idea off the ground.


Vision10x's Crew

Steph Jobs


Andry Moray


SZaid Ed


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Vision10x's Roadmap

  • Phase 01


    Introduce an AI-Driven Business Idea Discovery Platform, aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

  • Phase 02

    Establish Global Business Database

    Create an extensive business-centric database aimed at improving data quality and encompassing a wide range of business categories globally.

  • Phase 03

    Pilot Language Support

    Initially, provide support for English, Japanese, and Thai languages to accommodate diverse markets and ensure a seamless user experience within these specific regions.

  • Phase 04

    Expand Toolset

    Continuously evolve by developing additional tools to assist users in launching and managing their businesses effectively, enhancing the platform's value proposition.

  • Phase 05

    Language Expansion

    Expand language support beyond the pilot countries to accommodate a broader user base, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility across different regions and cultures.


What is Vision10x?

Consultancy Intelligence As a pioneering service in the industry, we understand the importance of showcasing real-world results. While our journey has just begun, our commitment to delivering exceptional value and innovation is unwavering. We envision a future filled with success stories that highlight the transformative impact of our services.

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